David L. Day

David L. Day is an Ohio native living in the Columbus area with his wife and two sons. In his spare time, David reads all kinds of fiction, practices Taekwondo, spends time with family, and watches horror movies late at night with the lights off. David received his MA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in June 2011.

Find out more about him at his snazzy but woefully neglected website: http://www.davidlday.com.



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Two brothers scarred by a dark family secret. A deputy consumed by the decade old disappearance of her cousin. An old man summoned to the humble town of Washington Heights by the discovery of an ancient artifact. The haphazard unearthing of this stone relic, hidden from history, strips the townsfolk of their daily facade and forces them to confront their secret lives. As one brother searches for answers to his father's suicide and the other searches for relief from a decade of guilt, the deputy begins to draw lines connecting them both to her own obsession. And all the while, the birth of an ancient evil looms just on the horizon. This is how the end begins, not with politicians and soldiers, but with the quiet destruction of a little town in Southeastern Ohio. This is the second coming, but it's not Jesus returning, and no one's getting saved.

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