Michael J Hultquist

Michael J. Hultquist is a screenwriter and author working in
the Midwest, currently near Chicago. He is an active member of
the Horror Writers Association and writes mostly dark fiction. He is
also a chili pepper enthusiast, deeply devoted to the jalapeno.
Visit Mike’s web site at: http://www.michaelhultquist.com.



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At twelve, Gary Sanderson found himself in Radcliffe, the oppressive juvenile detention facility for boys. At sixteen, he has a chance for a new - normal - life, in a new town, with foster parents Don and Gail Morgan. He attempts to build this new life, even as his past catches upt o him and the problems of a small town erupt all around him. These problems spin out of control when the girl he loves asks him one question: Will he kill her father?

Off Track is the character study of a boy - shaped by abuse, burdened with the death of his father - trying to survive in a world he hadn't expected to find.

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