Will Kalen and his team succeed in stopping the rogue Elf in time to save the Elven race?

Little did Kalen Or'Wain, Captain of the Elven Royal Guard, know that when his quiet evening at home was interrupted by a summons from the Elven Council, he would be thrust into a quest spanning realms to face off with a hated rival from his past. His rival, a corrupt rogue Elf intent on destrying the Elven race, plans to complete a ritual that will turn the Moon - the astral body the Elves love most - into the instrument of their demise. Kalen's duty takes him to the Human city of Los Angeles, where he teams up with and befriends enigmatic federal agent Reggie Blackburn and Amy Sommers, an LAPD homicide detective. Will Kalen and his team succeed in stopping the rogue Elf in time to save the Elven race?

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About the Book
Genres: Mystery, Urban Fantasy
Tags: adventure, crime, dark, Detective, elves, fiction, Recommended Books, thriller, urban fantasy
Publisher: Dark Recesses Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781988837109

List Price: 11.95
eBook Price: 3.99
I am so glad that I was introduced to the "Urban Fantasy" genre by the gifted author, Shawn Oetzel. In his debut novel, Shawn weaves a fantastic tale that moves from the beautifully described world of the Elves, to the gritty streets of modern Los Angeles. In this story, a powerful Elf has gone rogue and is bent on revenge. Dré Fao'Lain is gifted in the ways of Dark Magic, and his plot for revenge takes him to the Human realm where his plan begins to unfold. Many humans are being murdered as part of a ritual that will lead to the destruction of the Elven race. Kalen Or'Wain, Captain of the Elven Royal Guard, is sent to the Human realm to stop him. Working with a human Special Agent who is aware of the Elven threat, the pair begin the daunting task of finding, then stopping the powerful Fao'Lain. Along the way, the pair encounters an LAPD detective, Amy Sommers, who is also tracking the Elven Killer. Oetzel does a marvelous job of keeping the suspense heightened, while bringing to life the colorful characters who keep the story moving. The battle scenes are vividly described, and the main characters form a close bond while trying to stop the dreadful threat. Fast-paced and full of action, Oetzel has blended the genres of Crime and Fantasy into a wonderful story sure to please fans of either one. I highly recommend "Dying Moon," and look forward to Shawn Oetzel's next novel.
It's hard not to be drawn into this book. I don't tend to read all that much, but it was hard to put this book down. It's fast paced and very descriptive throughout. The storyline is quite gripping and entertaining. This is a very respectable first novel from Shawn Oetzel and I am looking forward to reading his next novel.
– Kurt W Leucht
I edit novels for LBF Books and I first encountered DYING MOON in a batch of novels that were submitted for publication. To me, this was clearly the standout of the batch and the one that I recommended for publication. Shawn Oetzel seamlessly blends crime drama and fantasy in his debut novel. As the tale unfolds, he explores the clash of elven and human cultures in the modern world and spices it up with enough action that it'll keep you turning the pages. In the novel, an Elf called Dre Fao'lain is intent on the destruction of all his kind and enters into the world of 21st century Los Angeles to perform the magical ceremony necessary to accomplish his mission. Leaving a series of bodies in his wake, the Elf is pursued by the LAPD. In the meantime the Elves send Kalen Or'Wain, Captain of the Elven Royal Guard, to stop him. He teams up with a special agent who knows about the Elven world, an officer from the LAPD and even a street gang to stop Dre Fao'lain. I really enjoyed the way Shawn Oetzel merged two seemingly disparate genres in this novel.
Debut novelist, Shawn Oetzel introduces readers to a fresh version of the fantasy genre as he transports otherworldly creatures straight into the heart of Los Angeles. One has arrived with vengeance and murder in his heart while the other faces the challenge of tracking this rogue elf to dole out his own personal version of justice. Oetzel makes it unmistakably clear early on, this final confrontation will be a life or death battle. Kalen Or'Wain, Captain of the Elven Royal Guard, is prepared to die for his people, but the unexpected assignment--which sends him to the terrifying world of the humans--shakes him to the core. Compelled by duty and scarred by his own personal history, Kalen confronts this unusual world--the people and his mission head-on--instantly experiencing emotional overdrive. He has stepped into a pale comparison of the beauty that he is familiar with and feels ill equipped to move forward without his human counterparts. While Kalen and his motley crew organize, their prey is moving quickly forward with single-minded determination to complete a ritual that will destroy the Elven race. Oetzel--gifted with the talent of painting a literary image in your mind--offers readers the unique opportunity to re-experience the small things, often taken for granted, as he entertains with sudden bits of humor while racing towards the climactic ending.
Taking the best of elvin fantasy and modern day detective novels, Shawn Oetzel makes Dying Moon a fast paced trip through the streets of Los Angeles. I found myself swept into the story immediately, and urging the stories hero, Kalen Or'Wain, and its heroine, Amy Sommers, to win over Kalen's evil nemesis, Dre' Fao'lain. Reaching the end of this high impact novel, I found myself wanting more, and I cannot wait for Shawn's next novel to come out. Shawn Weaver - Author of Dragon's Chest
Dying Moon has everything. Suspense, humor, a little romance, and a little sadness. The book takes you from another realm of the world to your own. Great read. Couldn't put it down.
– Deborah Bell
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About the Author
Shawn Oetzel

Shawn Oetzel, author of speculative fiction, urban fantasy novels, DYING MOON and THE AGENCY was born and raised in Central Illinois where he still lives with his wife, three kids, and their frustratingly lovable pet pooches, Hemingway Molly.

Shawn learned to read at an early age. While his peers were still seeing Dick, Jane, and Spot run, Shawn was devouring bestsellers and adult fiction at an alarming rate. This of course led to his deep affinity for all things literary which in actuality is now more akin to a full-blown addiction. at the urging of his family Shawn began writing his own tales and the rest is, as they say - history...

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