... lest the insanity leak out and infect the planet - is a collection of my weird, my mind as it is splattered onto the page. One must read with care, for the depths of the mind are shallow, entranced, bewitched by shadows and happenstance.

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About the Book

Separate and Succinct, Disparate and Distinct – a collection of bits and pieces of Bill Snider’s weird mind splattered onto the page. He warns that one must read with care, for the depths of his mind are shallow, entranced, bewitched by shadows and happenstance. Tread with patience, for his dreams are laid out in quiet array, the sharp tack of whisper and thought spearing each moment for gain, or for naught. One hand clap and prepare to dive right in – the music that is his soul, is ready to dance for you …

Genres: Horror, Poetry
Tags: demons, fiction, horror, Poetry, zombies
Publisher: Dark Recesses Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781988837031

List Price: 10.95
eBook Price: 3.99
I really enjoyed this journey into the wonderfully warped and fragile sanity that is Bill Snider’s subconscious mind. It’s full of bright little insights – deliciously dark perspective – and nightmarish daydreams made manifest, in a tantalizing tidbit offering that will keep you coming back for...just one more bite. I particularly enjoyed ‘Dark Places’ and ‘Humanity’ – but then again, I’m sociably twisted myself and pay close attention to the voices in my head. And being an avid Star Trek Fan – I loved the deftly added reference by none other than Dr McCoy in, ‘Waiting’. For those who like their prose to prickle and fester, and eat its way under your skin, I’d suggest you read this offering at bedtime on a dark and stormy night – with a side serving of cheese. Bravo Sir! See you on the other side.
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About the Author
Bill Snider

Bill Snider (aka Zombie Zak): created in Toronto, Canada by mad scientists of psychotic intent, is the author of “Chaptered and Versed, Poetic and Cursed” and “Separate and Succinct, Disparate and Distinct”, both collections of dark and zombirific poetry.

Also to his credit are stories in Rogues in Hell, Dreamers in Hell, Poets in Hell, Doctors in Hell, What Scares the Boogey Man and Terror by Gaslight.

He has plans for global domination, which you may join or refrain (your choice, really!) ZZ is also host of the show “After Rot”, on at 9PM EST every Wednesday night on TMVCafe.

The Apocalypse has already begun; you just don’t know it yet. But ZZ does and is loving it!

Vive la Dead! Feed him, fear him, but leave your cookies near him at your peril.

Life is Random – Feel it or forget it!

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