Little does Amy Sommers know her first assignment will catapult her right into the middle of a centuries old quest for redemption as well as a sinister plot for revenge.

After a brief, somewhat controversial, career with the LAPD comes to a screeching halt, Amy Sommers is recruited and joins an ultra-secretive government investigative entity known simply as, The Agency. When Amy’s friend and mentor, Special Agent Reggie Blackburn, comes across a centuries old document which he believes gives the location to the legendary sword Excalibur, The Agency makes the case a top priority. With document in hand, he convinces his superiors to give newly promoted Agent Amy Sommers the task of solving the mystery of Excalibur’s whereabouts. Joined by a mysterious British agent, Amy will travel to London in a race against a hired killer, known as The Ghost, to see who can find the legendary blade. Little does she know her first assignment will catapult her right into the middle of a centuries old quest for redemption as well as a sinister plot for revenge.

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About the Book
Genres: Mystery, Urban Fantasy
Tags: adventure, crime, dark, Detective, elves, fiction, murder, Recommended Books, thriller, urban fantasy
Publisher: Dark Recesses Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: Novel
ASIN: B07C9VB721
ISBN: 9781988837093

List Price: 11.95
eBook Price: 3.99
Shawn Oetzel's latest novel, "The Agency" continues the adventures of Amy Sommers after the events that take place in "Dying Moon." Amy Sommers is a hard-hitting, witty, former LAPD detective who is now a new agent for a super-secretive government operation known simply as "The Agency." She is reunited with agent Reggie Blackburn, who Sommers met on a previous case. This time, the legendary sword Excalibur is up for grabs, and Agent Sommers must obtain it before terrorist can get their hands on it and use it for evil purposes. The novel is very well paced, as bits and pieces of the mystery surrounding Exclibur are revealed, and the hunt for the legendary artifact heats up. Agent Sommers is teamed up with a British agent, who is not exactly who Sommers thinks he is. The action is realistic, the plot is tense, and the ending is very satisfying and clever. I enjoyed this story a great deal, and look forward to reading more from this author.
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About the Author
Shawn Oetzel

Shawn Oetzel, author of speculative fiction, urban fantasy novels, DYING MOON and THE AGENCY was born and raised in Central Illinois where he still lives with his wife, three kids, and their frustratingly lovable pet pooches, Hemingway Molly.

Shawn learned to read at an early age. While his peers were still seeing Dick, Jane, and Spot run, Shawn was devouring bestsellers and adult fiction at an alarming rate. This of course led to his deep affinity for all things literary which in actuality is now more akin to a full-blown addiction. at the urging of his family Shawn began writing his own tales and the rest is, as they say - history...

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