Darkness. The absence of light. People have always feared those places the light doesn’t reach, whether within the world or the people around them.

The dead walk the earth. Monsters — human or otherwise — hunt in the night. The night itself stalks its prey. Men grapple with the demons in the darkest recesses of their own souls. Love is twisted into something murderous. The familiar is alien and the alien is the enemy.

This is where light crosses into darkness.

This is where madness begins.

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About the Book
Genre: Horror
Tags: dark, fiction, ghosts, horror, monsters, murder, short stories, Supernatural
Publisher: Dark Recesses Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: Collection of short stories
ISBN: 9781988837147

List Price: 10.95
eBook Price: 3.99
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About the Author
J. Aaron Parish

J. Aaron Parish is a (nearly) 40-something Texas native. He
and his wife have a beautiful daughter and two wonderful sons.
He started writing in middle school, where wrote mostly (bad)
fiction and (even worse) poetry. His writing improved over time
— much to his own delight and the relief of those he forced to
read his work — and he gravitated to prose over poetry. He even
decided to try a career at writing, starting work as a journalist in
1998. He suffocated his journalism career in 2006, realizing that
it might be a noble profession, but starving his family wasn’t. He
spent a few years in corporate communications and now teaches
college English.

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