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The Psychology of Horror Books

The Psychology of Horror Books

The Psychology of Horror Books

By Gillian Bridè Duce Madell


I am often asked about writing, books and articles that I have written. Usually, it is questions on how to pull together a good book when they (the person asking) are writing. As a well published author of books, articles and philosophical works, it shocks some that I could also write anything with brutality or gore in it when it comes to writing my Historical fiction/fantasy works. There is nothing out of the ordinary in such scenes in this particular genre – it is merely my love/studies of myths, legends, traditions and philosophies that is carried throughout all of my writing and works.

History was no rainbow and joyous time. It was a time of caution and where most people were on edge most of the time. A time where even the neighbor had to be viewed with care. It was the horror stories of old that kept the children safe. Stopping them from entering a forest on their own where all sorts of death awaited them. Being young, vulnerable and edible – so easy it would be for a predator. Even a lone adult entering the forest was an unwise move when a pack of wolves might venture around at any time. Stories warning of water monsters, cave ogres, fire giants and even air fiends that would snatch them as they slept if they were not careful. Horror has been on the tongues of humans since the first parent was concerned for their child wandering off and the first confused person that saw something that they could not otherwise explain.

This is well and good for the ancestors, but, what is it that draws modern man now to horror, as we, supposedly, are so much more knowing.

A paper in 2004 by Dr. Glenn Walters said that there must be three main elements for a horror movie to work – tension, relevance and (somewhat of) unrealism.  This transfers also to any books written in the genre of horror/slasher/gore. There are those that enjoy the shock and fright that comes from reading such works, but it is the knowledge of it ‘not being real’ that allows a psychological buffer between them and that which is depicted in the book.

History was not pretty, but write it in a manuscript, with all of the gore of battle fields or acts done from one to another (even if a real historical events), the reader has the buffer of ‘it not happening actually at that moment’(the unrealism factor), which gives them freedom from feeling terrified or concern after finishing the book. Cannibals read of in books, might have been real at some stage (or still are), but the reader can shake off the feeling of shock after putting the book down, knowing that they are not in his/her home (or are they). Zombies, vampires, slashers, aliens and horrifying monsters might not (or might) be real… written well, the tension factor will rise. The relevance factor, such as fear of death and other psychological essentials, raises the book’s status as a horror.

There are factors within the mindset of those that read horror books too. Some read to overcome their fears. Some read horror because they need to ‘feel’ or, as it is called by some, ‘sensation seek’ (sometimes even going as far as to identify with the slasher/killer/monster). Some like the excitement and are far more grounded. It is, to captivate all these readers (if possible) with one book that is the holy grail of horror books. Such authors, in their day, as Mary Shelley, author of “Frankenstein”, and Bram Stoker, who wrote “Dracula”, were cutting edge writers for their ability to pull together all of these elements and put them into books that still sell today (even though the ‘horror’ level is nothing compared to what is out there now). Pooling together these fundamentals made the material that they wrote, immortalized.

So, in conclusion, if you want to write a book that will go down in history, find a way of incorporating all the above elements. The essentials behind being a good horror writer is the best example of what it takes to be great in any genre of writing. To understand the basics of the horror genre, give one the leading edge in all genres.

Coming, July 1st, 2018 and available now for pre-order on Amazon Kindle

Coming, July 1st, 2018 and available now for pre-order on Amazon Kindle

“In deep space, a colony is devastated by a horrific plague, unleashing a nightmare beyond imagination. A team of mercenaries battle against and army of living dead to save the Earth from a hellish fate where death is just the beginning…”

Originally published in 2001, THE DEAD SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH has received a well-deserved update – cleaner, sharper, faster, yet still as brutal.

“Space, ultra-violent zombies, a team of mercenaries…take a bunch of good things and combine them and you always get something better. Vince Churchill’s debut is scattered with brilliantly horrifying moments, and his zombies are some of the nastiest – an extrasolar colony infected by a disease that highlights their most violent instincts. The novel is imbued with an unsettling atmosphere of alienation and fear that should hook any zombie horror fan. Also check out Churchill’s equally brutal The Blackest Heart.
XBOX Magazine
ZOMBIES! – The 37 Greatest Zombie Triumphs”


99¢ Birthday Kindle Countdowns Event!

99¢ Birthday Kindle Countdowns Event!

Every day at midnight (PST), starting June 10, one title in the Dark Recesses Press library will be available for $.99 cents on Kindle Countdown. So if you’ve been waiting for your chance to check out some new authors, or old favourites, now is your opportunity! See below for the list of titles and when they will be in the 99 cent pool.

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Kate Morgan on the Written Apocalypse - Podcast

Kate Morgan on the Written Apocalypse – Podcast

Kate Morgan, author.


Join our very own Kate Morgan as she discusses her life, her writing, her love of Swedish Death Metal, and her book THE REDEEMERS

Kate Morgan on the Written Apocalypse – Podcast Link


Kate Morgan aka Alice Loweecey Is baker of brownies and tormentor of characters, Alice Loweecey recently celebrated her thirtieth year outside the convent. She grew up watching Hammer horror films and Scooby-Doo mysteries, which explains a whole lot. When she’s not creating trouble for her sleuth Giulia Driscoll or inspiring nightmares as her alter-ego Kate Morgan, she can be found growing her own vegetables (in summer) and cooking with them (the rest of the year). Her mascot is a handmade nun doll that will only creep you out if you have a guilty conscience.

In her book Redeemers we will find. Long after the Great War life flourished again, in no small part due to The Redeemers’ help and guidance. It was a simple life, but a good one. Annie’s world made sense…until one fateful day when everything of value is ripped from her.

With nothing left to lose, Annie embarks upon a quest for the dark, disturbing truth of why – never imagining how deep the trail leads.

Contact her:

Website address:

Twitter: @KateMorganBooks






The latest release from Dark Recesses Press is about to be unleashed in horrific fashion.  MIDNIGHT ETERNAL is a dark superhero novel which beautifully illustrated through out by Ken Leinaar, and penned by author Vince Churchill. A break-neck tale of (almost) good vs evil which is bound to leave you breathless. If Sin City and The Watchmen got together and had demon babies, they’d come close to what MIDNIGHT ETERNAL has to offer.

The official release date for this wonderfully disturbed piece is June 3rd, 2016, and to kick it off, here are the upcoming MIDNIGHT ETERNAL release tour dates with author, Vince Churchill:

• Friday, June 3rd, from 5p-7p (during the Art Hop!) – Our Town Books ( ) – Jacksonville, IL

• Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th – Villains Con 2016 Pop Culture & Tattoo expo ( – Dansville, IL

• Friday June 17th – Sunday, June 19th – The Return of Contamination 2016 ( – St. Louis, IL

If you’re in the area, stop by at any of these locations to meet the mind behind the madness, and pick up your personally signed slice of sinister goodness.

Kate Morgan, author.

Guest Blog Post at The Cerebral Writer – Kate Morgan: THE REDEEMERS

Kate Morgan, author.Kate Morgan, author of THE REDEEMERS, takes a guest blog spot at The Cerebral Writer. Stop by to read what real life events spawned such a dark and twisted adventure.


“I wanted revenge against the mind games, the manipulation, the thought retraining, and I didn’t want to write nonfiction. Since I’ve been a horror fan from the age of five, the path opened clear and easy before me: A dystopian horror novel in which the bad guys were batshit insane descendants of Catholic monks convinced they had a direct line to God Himself.”

The Redeemers

Women in Horror Month Goodies

The Redeemers

It’s Women in Horror Month, if you didn’t already know, so now is a great time to show some love for our female author, Kate Morgan, and her dystopian tale THE REDEEMERS. (Links below)

In addition to the great discounts, and the opportunity for a fun read, we will be holding a random drawing on March 15, 2016 from all new reviews for THE REDEEMERS. Winner will receive a $15 Amazon gift card.

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Tell your friends, tell your enemies. Hell, just spread the word!

The Redeemers

THE REDEEMERS – New from Dark Recesses Press

New from Dark Recesses Press – The Redeemers by Kate Morgan

The Redeemers


Long after the Great War, life flourished again, due to The Redeemers’ help and guidance. It was a simple life, but a good one. Annie’s world made sense…until one fateful day when everything of value is ripped from her.

With nothing left to lose, Annie embarks upon a quest for the dark, disturbing truth of why – never imagining how deep the trail leads.

The Redeemers is a dark, dystopian tale of adventure, mystery, and terror.

In this world, words are more than they seem.



Dark Recesses gets a new start

Dark Recesses gets a new start


Dark Recesses Press is in the process of a reboot. And with our reboot comes a new title as well.  An erotic thriller no less.

HYDE by Vince Churchill will be released June 6, 2014 with a debut signing at OUR TOWN BOOKS in the square in Jacksonville, Il.  The event has been set for Friday, June 6th from 4 pm to 7 pm.

The next signing will be in LA at Dark Delicacies. Official date will be announced shortly.

In the mean time, there will be much cleaning, sorting and updating to be done to the site.  It’s good to be home.