"...takes up where classic films like "Aliens" and classic horror novels like "I Am Legend" leave off."

In deep space, a colony is devastated by a horrific plague, unleashing a nightmare beyond imagination. A team of mercenaries battle against and army of living dead to save the Earth from a hellish fate where death is just the beginning…

"A Warning: For those of a squeamish disposition, I feel it only fair to warn you that this tale is excessively gory taking visceral horror to an extreme. This tale does not contain the normal gore seen in other horror novels, but rather takes gruesomeness to an extreme repeatedly. Not for the faint of heart." - Ravenova

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About the Book
Genres: Horror, Sci-fi
Tags: adventure, aliens, bloody, dark, death, Dying, horror, mercenaries, murder, sex, space, violence, zombies
Publisher: Dark Recesses Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781988837161
List Price: 10.95
eBook Price: 3.99
Intense, vivid, captivating... There's nothing better than a book that won't let you put it down until the last page is read! The author is relentless in his determination to hold you from beginning to end. Graphically well written. The scenes vividly play out on the big screen of the imagination as if you are watching the panic and terror from the shadows. It's a futuristic horror/thriller that will leave you wondering, "could this really happen?" This is a book I will read again, just for the thrill of it!
BALLS-OUT HORROR SCI/FI! OUTSTANDING WORK! Vince Churchill deserves your money. With his novel "The Dead Shall Inherit The Earth", Mr. Churchill takes up where classic films like "Aliens" and classic horror novels like "I Am Legend" leave off: with an absolutely blazing and dangerous novel combining space travel, rag-tag mercenaries, political deception, and the newly awakened (and coldly hungry) dead. Vince's writing is top notch, his pacing like a runaway freight-train, and his delivery an ice-cold knife in your awaiting guts -- do the right thing and buy this book NEW.
– Heath Mensher
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About the Author
Vince Churchill

Vince Churchill has eight published novels: The Dead Shall Inherit The Earth, The Blackest Heart, The Butcher Bride, Pandora, Hyde, and Goodnight, My Sweet, Midnight Eternal, and the children's book Run.
The Dead Shall Inherit The Earth was featured in 2009's XBOX Magazine's ZOMBIES! Collector's Edition as one of The 37 Greatest Zombie Triumphs.
His short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as The Undead, The Undead Volume 2: Skin and Bones, The Horror Library - Volume One, The Beast Within, and the recent Midnight Walk. He is also a list contributor in the Book of Lists: Horror. Vince's latest novella, "Condemned", anchors the Butcher Shop Quartet II horror anthology.

An avid horror/thriller/action film fan, Vince invites you to visit his website:

or his blog:

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